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Awakening a better world every morning

Respect for people and the environment. This is the fullest expression of our worldwide coffee family’s commitment to make our world a better place, every day. 

We offer products of superior quality, obtained through a sustainable model based on innovation, passion and expertise.  


We are dedicated to guaranteeing the best possible experience of coffee in all its forms. Thus, we can always offer a moment of delight with the perfect product at any moment of the day.

We want to offer you the best coffee. We do this by taking great care of every aspect of the supply chain, thanks to constant efforts in the fields of innovation, research and sustainability.

Our Group’s aim is to create sustainable value for our shareholders, collaborators, consumers and the communities in which we operate, combining competitiveness with social and environmental responsibility. This means always ensuring that the products are of the finest quality, while maintaining independence and ethical standards. 


We have made innovation the hallmark of our entrepreneurial activities and the keystone to keep offering the best coffee possible, in all its forms. Lavazza has continuously revolutionized coffee culture with courage, energy and reliability, modernizing traditions to anticipate the needs of the market and consumers. This intuition marked the company's earliest success (the coffee blend) and led to the development of innovative solutions for packaging—from the first espresso sipped in Space to dozens of industrial patents.

This approach permeates all of the Group’s brands and creates a shared culture based on responsible innovation, passion, integrity and expertise, which serves as guidance in offering superior quality coffee.


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