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Cookie Policy

May 2022



Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation EU 679/2016 on personal data protection (hereinafter, the “GDPR”) for our European Union users and our commitment to transparency for our other users, we wish to inform you that our websites that link to this Cookie Policy (“Websites”) use “cookies” and similar technologies (“Cookies”) in order to improve your experience on the Website (including mobile versions), and to recognize you during your next visit. Cookies can perform certain functions and personalise content. We ask you to read this Cookie Policy, where we provide all the information concerning the use of such technologies.


Cookies are short strings of text that are automatically downloaded onto the user’s browser or other device with your consent (where required) when browsing our Websites, including mobile versions, or when using our mobile apps. This allows us, on each next visit, to keep track of each user's choices and thus offer a more efficient and customized experience. 

Some Cookies collect information to protect our Website; other Cookies provide information to help us improve its performance; others are used to customise content. Every Cookie performs a specific action and based on the function and purpose of use they can be divided into technical, aggregate analysis, and profiling Cookie.


As you navigate this Website, it may automatically install either “first party” or “third party” Cookie. The term “first party Cookie” means Cookie that are installed and managed by Lavazza, as the Data Controller, whereas “third party” Cookies are installed by third parties.

For any question concerning the protection of your Personal Data, you may contact us writing an email to our Group DPO to 


The Cookies described in this section are first-party or third-party. These Cookies are installed for the purposes detailed for the various categories of Cookies listed below:

Technical Cookies _ These Cookies are installed in order to optimise and improve our Website or to enhance its functions and performance. This type of Cookie is used, for instance, to save users’ preferences for the use of Cookies on the Website. Technical Cookies are not used for any other purpose and can be managed by Lavazza or by third parties.

Technical Cookies can be used without the prior and express consent of the user. These Cookies are enabled automatically.

Analytics Cookies _ This category includes “performance or analytics Cookies”. These are Cookies that collect information about the usage of a Website, such as the number of users that visit a Website and the most visited Website's pages/sections (for example, from what pages we receive reports of problems). These Cookies provide information about how the Websites are performing.  You consent to the use of such Cookies.

Functionality Cookies _ These Cookies allow users to navigate on a Website in accordance to selected criteria (e.g., language, text characters, type of browser) in order to improve the service offered. You consent to the use of such Cookies.


Profiling Cookies store information about users’ preferences during their navigation and are installed to create and maintain user profiles in order to provide targeted services or content, show content or offer commercial initiatives based on the sections in our Websites that showed most relevant for users and their interests. 

We use profiling Cookies when you provide us with consent to do so. We obtain your consent through a banner, displayed on your first visit. You can manage your consent by clicking on “Manage your preferences”.


Our Websites also uses “tagging” technologies; these allow us to understand what content appears most interesting to our users and whether a particular offer may be of interest.

The information acquired through tagging technologies can be used, with the consent of the user, to show the products and commercial offers that are most relevant to their preferences. We obtain your consent through a banner, displayed on your first visit. You can manage your consent by clicking on “Manage your preferences”.


Third-party Cookies are installed by a third-party, outside the Website where a user is navigating, in order to provide targeted services or content.

This Website also uses social media buttons – meaning digital buttons (or icons) that we use to provide a direct connection to our social media pages (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) or for user authentication or registration (e.g., Google, Amazon, Facebook) - which can install third-party Cookies.

The social buttons on our Website can also provide us with information about the user's browsing experience and be used by Lavazza for targeting purposes for marketing on social media (for example, allowing users to be reached by Lavazza advertising on their social accounts).

Third-party Cookies can only be used with the prior consent of the user, which is obtained via the banner as detailed above. Users can revoke their consent at any time, by disabling Cookies following the steps detailed in paragraph “How to Manage Cookies” below.   


Cookies may be:

· Temporary or session Cookies: they are used to store temporary information and to connect actions performed during a specific session and are removed from the user’s computer once the browser is closed.

· Permanent or persistent Cookies: they are used to store information such as name and access password, so that users do not need to enter this information every time they visit a particular Website. These Cookies are permanently stored in the users’ computers after they close their browser.

Duration depends on the expiry set at the time of Cookie installation. To know the duration of each single Cookie, you can refer to our Cookie manager section, which also reports the name, category, and purposes of each Cookie.


Users may set their Cookie preferences

a. through our Website, in the Cookie manager section - which allows users to select the type of Cookies (including Cookies from third-party partners) that can be installed, go through the list of Cookies and similar technologies used in the Website, remove them

b. from their browser and, prevent, for example, third parties from installing Cookies.  In this case, the procedures to manage permissions to Cookie installation and remove Cookies vary according to the browser used. You can find more information on how to manage Cookies on your browser at: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge.

In case of services provided by third parties, users can also exercise their right to object to tracking, using the information provided in the Privacy Policies of each third party.


Data Subjects can exercise the rights afforded under the applicable privacy regulations, such as the GDPR. For any information / request concerning the processing of your personal data and to exercise any of the rights under Articles 15-22 of the GDPR, you can contact our Group DPO at


This Cookie Policy may be amended from time to time. This may be the case, for instance, when it is required to meet new sector regulations, to update or provide new services, or when new technologies are implemented.  Users are therefore invited to read this Cookie Policy frequently to check on any updates or changes.