Lavazza ¡Tierra!Bio-Organic For Amazonia Lavazza ¡Tierra!Bio-Organic For Amazonia

Lavazza ¡Tierra! for Amazonia

Forests are a fundamental asset for the survival of everything on Earth: they clean the air, absorb carbon emissions and stabilize the climate. Lavazza ¡Tierra! for Amazonia is an organic coffee from Peru, where the Lavazza Foundation is involved in the protection of the environmental heritage of the Amazon rainforest through consistent reforestation of the region.

¡Tierra! for Amazonia

Enjoy the taste of premium coffee.


A carefully handpicked coffee bean selection from Peru.


Taste an aromatic blend of 100% organic Arabica beans.


Savor the aromatic notes of flowers and honey.


Enjoy the blend in whole bean or ground coffee.

Lavazza ¡Tierra! Bio-Organic For Planet Lavazza ¡Tierra! Bio-Organic For Planet

Lavazza ¡Tierra! for Planet

Climate change represents a real threat to coffee: it’s the cause of the gradual reduction of cultivated areas and may impact the quality of coffee in the future. Lavazza ¡Tierra! for Planet is a premium selection of organic Arabica coming from unpolluted coffee regions in Africa, Central and South America farms. At these coffee farms, the Lavazza Foundation is teaching coffee producers agricultural techniques to manage the effects of climate change.

¡Tierra! for Planet

Explore the wonders of nature every day.


A premium coffee selection from Africa, Central and South America.


Taste a delicate blend of 100% organic Arabica hand-picked beans.


Savor the aromatic notes of fruits and flowers.


Enjoy the blend in whole bean or ground coffee.

A world that destroys the gifts of nature is one I do not belong in.

Luigi Lavazza

Our collection from carefully selected origins.


Rainforest alliance

The farms that receive the RFA certification are required to comply with standards for sustainable agriculture that promote environmental responsibility, social equity and economic sustainability.

USDA Organic

The organic certification guarantees that coffee has been harvested according to the rigorous production processes described by USDA Organic standards.


High-quality coffee: hand picking allows us to select only the ripest coffee cherries, to fully enhance the sensory characteristics of the blend.


Sustainable is not just who we are but how we live.

Thanks to those who cooperate with us, we have been able to create a continuous cycle in which innovation in product and process, qualitative excellence and sustainability build each other up.

Join us and discover the joy of sustainability.


Our certifications

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Lavazza Experience. Whether your favorite is A Modo Mio capsules or Qualità Rossa ground or whole beans, the important thing is to live sustainably, even as you sip that very first coffee of the day. Check out our sustainability certifications.


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