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The largest coffee school network in the world.

Our mission is to spread the espresso and coffee culture all around the world. Our vision is to become a point of reference for people of the industry. 

The Lavazza Training Center has the largest coffee training network, with 7 offices in Italy and 47 around the world, dedicated to catering and distribution professionals and coffee lovers. 


Our Lavazza Training Center is an authentic coffee university: we organize training courses for baristas, catering staff, sales reps, distributors, newly hired staff, journalists and opinion leaders.


From the bean to coffee design, through to the art of preparing real Italian coffee, at the Training Center, you will find much more to taste than expected: a real journey to discover this wonderful world, guided by our experts.  

We offer courses for professionals on coffee preparation methods, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Obviously, we will focus on the preparation of Espresso, the ultimate Italian coffee. Its essential features are a compact cream, a full-bodied taste and a complex aroma. Drinking an espresso is a complete sensory experience that involves sight, smell and taste.


We wanted to celebrate the historical roots of this unique product. Coffee Roots is a journey that traces the origins of coffee, the magic bean, as it made its way towards the Western world, and explores its meaning in different cultures. 
The project, which also became a book written by the “gastronomad” journalist Vittorio Castellani (alias Chef Kumalè), explores the thousand ways in which coffee has been adapted to suit the tastes and habits of the many different people who drink it every day. 
Although espresso can now be considered “the universal language of coffee,” shared across the five continents, it is important to remember that each country has its own “local dialects” that still exist today: the rituals, ceremonies, habits and ways of drinking coffee that are associated with individual traditions (Chef Kumalè).


For a real Lavazza’s creativity experience. 

Coffee Design is food design applied to coffee: a subject that, until a few years ago, did not exist and that Lavazza has turned into a real art. 

We create innovative products, experiment with new combinations of tastes, and design tools to prepare and serve coffee. Lavazza’s innovation and experience are the essential starting points for these amazing creations.




Lavazza opens its doors to secondary schools, universities and cultural associations. The Innovation Center is our flagship for excellence in the fields of training, creativity and research into the coffee. 
Groups of up to 25 students over 16 years of age can participate. The visit is free and lasts about two and a half hours.  
In addition to core company presentations and visiting the warehouse and logistics hubs at the manufacturing plant, the Lavazza Training Center provides all sorts of product training. 
Amazing workshops give you a 360º view of the coffee world, providing a small but engaging taste of this industry.



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