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A new coffee for a new world

Have you ever gazed up at the stars and wondered, “Is there coffee out there?” We have.

So we took all of our coffee knowledge and sent it to space, where it landed on Mars. When we saw the harsh martian soil, we thought there was no way good coffee could grow on this planet. But you know what? We harvested the beans. We roasted them. And when we finally tasted them, we made a grand discovery: We were right.

Coffee is way better on Earth.

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From ¡Tierra! To ¡Marte!

Our newest product offers an exceptional (and extraterrestrial) taste experience with otherworldly flavors and interstellar aromatic notes. Meet the coffee grown on Mars for Mars.

¡Marte! For Another Planet

An exceptional and interstellar taste experience


A dusty field 142 million miles away.


Hints of rust, dust, and cosmic aromas.


An intergalactic mixture of red beans from the red planet.


Marziana Galattica: grown in iron oxide rich soil giving the bean a rich, red color.


Okay, so we didn’t really create a blend for Mars. And hopefully we won’t have to anytime soon. 

That’s why this Earth Day, and every day, we work to preserve the only planet with coffee: Earth.

We couldn't imagine a world without coffee and hope we'll never see ¡Marte! For Another Planet in our homes.For this reason, the Lavazza Foundation is committed to taking care of coffee-farming communities and the local environment.

Our ¡Tierra! collection is inspired by this commitment, and the coffee we use is sourced from regions involved in our social responsibility projects.

These initiatives not only promote the well-being of coffee communities but also encourage the next generation of farmers by providing them with the necessary support and resources to adopt sustainable farming practices.

Because we believe the coffee grown here on our home planet is worth protecting.

Lavazza ¡Tierra! range

Lavazza ¡Tierra! is a range of high-quality coffees: the perfect combination of excellence taste and sustainability. Through ¡Tierra! Lavazza communicates its own commitment to a sustainable cultivation of coffee that respects planet and people.



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