Lavazza's 2023 Calendar by Alex Prager

"YES, WE'RE OPEN" isn't just a calendar; it's a celebration of our shared humanity

By Lavazza Team 3 minutes

In the world of Lavazza, tradition and innovation have harmoniously coexisted since 1895. With the launch of the 2023 Lavazza Calendar, we proudly proclaim, "YES, WE'RE OPEN!" This edition, masterfully curated by the visionary artist Alex Prager, is a testament to our enduring commitment to freedom of thought and expression.

Lavazza Cafés: Where Everyone Finds Its Home

This calendar is not just a collection of stunning visuals. The Lavazza 2023 Calendar is a powerful representation of our belief that cafés are a space where all individuals are not only welcomed but celebrated.

Cafés, with their welcoming nature, are a universal symbol of community and togetherness. For Lavazza, they serve as a metaphor for an ideal world - a world where individuals can be their authentic selves, and everyone feels at home.

In this narrative, the café becomes the central meeting point where micro-stories flourish and differences harmoniously unite.

This underlying philosophy makes up the very essence of Lavazza.

A Journey of shared experiences

"Yes, We're Open" is a tribute to the shared human experience, a journey that transcends geographical boundaries, cultures, and languages. Through the lens of Alex Prager, we embark on a global exploration, witnessing a tapestry of stories that unfold in various corners of the world. We delve into different realities, navigating the rich spectrum of human emotions and unveiling the diverse psychological states that collectively shape our existence.

A Celebration of Inclusivity and Unity

In the last three Lavazza calendar editions, we have consistently placed people at the centre of our narrative, embracing their stories and experiences to highlight the importance of human connections and social unity in our ever-changing world.

Through this collaboration with Alex Prager, Lavazza reaffirms its commitment to promoting inclusivity and embracing diversity in all its shapes and forms. Not to mention, this creative project also highlights our renewed focus on human and social sustainability, rather than solely environmental sustainability.


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