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Refreshing and bold, this coffee is Italy’s favorite mid-summer beverage. Enjoy it with Lavazza!

2–3 minutes

Also known as Iced Coffee Shaker or as Shaken Ice Coffee, Caffe Shakerato is one of our all-time favorite iced coffee beverages.

An Italianized expression that comes from the English verb "shaken", the “Shakerato" is made by shaking sugar and ice with a freshly brewed shot of your favorite espresso.

This method of preparation preserves and enhances the coffee’s flavors and aromas, while also giving it its creamy texture. The final result is a delightfully sweet and creamy iced espresso.

A coffee drink that is ideal for any time of the day, the Caffe Shakerato can be elevated to a whole new level once spiked. If you are in the mood for something stronger, feel free to mix in some of your favorite alcohol or liqueur to this recipe.

Our favorite liqueur to accompany this type of coffee is Baileys or Amaretto.


6–7 ice cubes
2 teaspoons of sugar
Shot of espresso

Bonus: Baileys


Cocktail glass


1. Place ice cubes in a shaker.

2. Add desired amount of sugar, the level of sweetness is up to you.

3. Prepare a shot of espresso, preferably lungo. This beverage can be prepared any blend, so choose your favorite.

4. Once ready, pour it into the shaker with the ice and sugar.

5. Seal your shaker firmly and shake vigorously for 10–15 seconds. Make sure you have a comfortable grip on your shaker to make sure every it is always held together.

6. Pour into your serving glass and remove the ice using a small strainer.

PRO TIP: This beverage is best served in a cocktail glass.


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