How to make long black coffee How to make long black coffee

How to make a long black coffee

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

How do you like your coffee? Iced or hot? Are you someone who likes a lot of froth, or do you prefer it silky and smooth? Perhaps you opt for a sophisticated, no-frills black coffee?

In Australia and New Zealand, one of the most popular black coffee beverages is the “long black.” A long black coffee is typically made by pouring a double shot of espresso into hot water. It can also be made with a single shot.

Long Black vs. Drip Coffee

In North America, “black coffee” typically refers to drip or press coffee. However, black coffee also refers to the serving method; essentially, coffee without milk or sweetener.

In this case, a long black coffee is prepared with espresso. Beyond differences in coffee culture between Australia and New Zealand vs. North America, espresso is much thicker and provides a much more intense flavor than drip coffee. This is due to the smaller ratio of coffee grounds to water.

The Difference between a Long Black and Americano

The long black coffee is Australia and New Zealand’s answer to the Americano, also known as the Caffé Americano. The main difference between the two drinks comes down to preparation.

A long black coffee is made by pouring espresso into a cup of hot water, whereas an Americano uses the reverse process, by directly pouring hot water over espresso. While the Americano dilutes the espresso more significantly, the long black’s preparation allows the preservation of the crema on top.

Another difference is that an Americano can be ordered with a splash of milk, whereas the long black is only ever served without milk.

How to make a long black coffee at home


  • 100-120ml hot water
  • 60ml ground coffee (or whole bean)



  1. Step 1. Fill your glass or cup with hot water
  2. Step 2. Weigh out enough coffee beans to brew two espresso
  3. Step 3. If starting with whole bean , grind your beans, and add the grounds in the filter basket and tamp
  4. Step 4. Using your coffee machine, extract your espresso double shot directly into your glass of hot water
  5. Step 5. Give it a stir to ensure the coffee is fully integrated and the flavours balanced
  6. Step 6. Enjoy your long black coffee!


If you are using a moka pot , after step 4, follow the following step:

  • Step 5. prepare the moka with your ground coffee
  • Step 6. add 60ml of coffee to the hot water and enjoy your long black coffee


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