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Making Cappuccino from a 3 cup Moka Pot coffee Maker and Milk Froth from a French Press

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes


60-65ml of Lavazza Espresso Italiano coffee make from 8 step process mentioned
on previous page, Milk.


14oz+ French Press, Thermometer, Milk Pouring Pitcher.


Heat milk: put 120 ml of milk on low heat. Place your thermometer in the milk so that you can keep an eye on the temperature. Stir occasionally.

Remove milk from heat just at 63 degrees celcius (145.4 degrees Fahrenheit): once your thermometer reads 63 degrees Celsius (145.4 F), immediately remove the milk from the heat and pour it into your french press.

Froth milk using french press: move the plunger of the french press up and down until the milk has turned frothy. The volume of the milk should increase by about 30%. Then immediately pour the milk into a pouring pitcher. Tap the pitcher on your countertop until any large bubbles disappear. As mentioned earlier, your french press should hold at least 14oz of liquid. The milk, before frothing, should not take up more than half of the the french press.

Add milk to coffee: pour your milk over the coffee. If you are feeling creative, go ahead and attempt some latte art.   

Serve and enjoy: you should now have  a delicious cappuccino. Make sure to drink it before it cools down too much. 


While an espresso machine and a dedicated milk frother are usually used to make cappuccino, you can achieve a similar result at home by using a 3 cup moka pot and a 14oz+ french press. The best coffee for a cappuccino is subjective but we would recommend sticking to blends designed for espresso to begin with. We love to make cappuccino with Lavazza Espresso Italiano.


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