How to prepare the ideal French Coffee

A simple and delicious manual brewing method to accompany you during long mornings and afternoons.

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

The world of coffee is as vast and various as its admirers. Almost every country has its own unique way to drink coffee and different names for its recipes.

This is exactly the case of the plunger, which is known by as many names as the amount of countries in which it is used: French press, melior, cafetière à piston, French coffee maker.

But what are we talking about?

The French press is an extraction system made of a carafe with a lid that has a filter and a plunger. Using this coffee maker, you will be able to enjoy coffee that is ready within minutes, coffee that is tasty, never gets burnt, and has an intensity that can be adjusted to meet everyone's tastes. For many people, it’s the best coffee for long afternoons at a desk.

The plunger it is also ideal for preparing tea and infusions and it is distinguished by its design and the technique with which the water and the ground coffee are separated.




Hot water


1. Heat the coffee pot and store water

2. Pour in 30 gr of coffee

3. Pour in 500 ml of hot water

4. Wait 3 minutes

5. Put in the plunger and push it down slowly

Your French coffee is ready to be enjoyed!


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