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How to prepare a classic Viennese Coffee

Immerse yourself in the classic Lavazza preparation of a sumptuous Viennese coffee.

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

Viennese coffee is very easy to prepare. Within minutes, you can enjoy the sumptuous Viennese elegance in every sip.

Viennese coffee is a delicious variation on the most classic Espresso. In this unique recipe, coffee is combined with melted chocolate and topped with a tuft of whipped cream.

Most people do not know that recipe comes from the tradition of the Viennese coffee house, which began in the 19th century and has an historical value recognized even by UNESCO. Inside a cup of every Viennese Coffee, there is a story of cultural encounters, literature, music and art.

For this preparation, we recommend using a full-bodied and intense blend, such as the La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Brasile or La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Alteco.

Are you ready to prepare a coffee you will never forget?




Chocolate topping
Chocolate flakes


1. Pour 1.5 tbsp of chocolate topping into a coffee cup.

2. Then, prepare an espresso lungo, pour it into the glass and add 3 tbsp of whipped cream.

3. Sprinkle with chocolate flakes.

It’s almost ready! In a few minutes, you can enjoy a delicious, delicate break.


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