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Lavazza and the Coffee&Climate initiative

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

How fighting climate change can positively impact coffee cultivation.

Lavazza has taken action to address the need to reduce the impact of climate change on coffee farming. For this reason, Lavazza plays an active role in the Coffee&Climate (C&C) initiative as a founding member since 2010.

The Coffee&Climate (C&C) initiative is a cooperative effort that involves diverse actors in the coffee industry, such as traders, roasters, agronomists, trainers and small coffee producers, who collaborate to tackle the impacts of climate change in a way that is not motivated by competition.

The objectives of the C&C initiative are multifaceted. These objectives include researching the impacts of climate change on coffee quality and productivity, developing and proposing climate-smart agricultural techniques that are simple for small-scale farmers to implement, and offering support to small producers on the use of these approaches and their application.

A wide range of climate-smart agricultural solutions have been trialed and shared through the C&C initiative. These solutions encompass a diverse set of techniques, including the adoption of efficient irrigation methods, the most suitable cover crops to maintain optimal soil temperature, suggestions on how to diversify agricultural practices in a specific region, and recommendations on which shade trees to use to protect coffee crops. 

What is more, C&C has developed a platform comprising these validated solutions and instructional resources for their implementation. This platform is open to all and offered in four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese).

From 2010 to present:

800 trainers trained on C&C solutions.

+90,000 small producers have participated in trainings.

4 Regions involved: Central America, Brazil, Tanzania, Vietnam.


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