Best birthday gifts for coffee lovers

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Most people love starting their day with a cup of coffee, while others enjoy it as a way to relax with friends and family at the weekend. Either way, there are plenty of coffee lovers out there. If someone’s birthday is coming up and you’re looking for a gift to make their face light up, these coffee gift ideas are for you.

We’ve crafted a list of the best birthday gifts for coffee lovers. There are options for all budgets, tastes and recipients. Plus, we’ve created a quick buying guide to help you nail your gift-giving for the coffee fan in your life.

5 Coffee Birthday Present Ideas

Check out these five birthday ideas for coffee lovers. Each item on the list has a few interpretations, so you can make the gift personal.

1. Coffee Beans

Coffee birthday gifts don’t need to be elaborate or complicated. If you know what they like to drink, then getting them their favorite coffee beans is the way to go. If your budget allows you to splurge a little, then you can get them an upgrade of their usual grounds or beans. A fancy tin, an exclusive blend, or a deluxe version is a nice birthday treat.

If you want to spend time with the person and aren’t sure what they’d prefer, choose coffee for a birthday party theme, or plan a coffee-themed day. You can do a tasting, head to a roastery, or make your own coffee-flavored chocolates and cakes.

2. Coffee Machine

One of the most impressive coffee presents is a coffee machine. It’s not suitable for every budget, but if it’s for a significant birthday, you could splash out or split the cost with others. Italian machines that make espresso and froth milk are one option. If they’re more experimental coffee drinkers, then a manual machine might be just the thing.

It’s the ultimate birthday present for a coffee lover, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Getting them a French press for the office or a Moka pot could be a nice touch so they can drink a good cup wherever they are!

3. Coffee-Making Accessories

There are other birthday gifts for coffee lovers besides a machine and coffee. Accessories are a suitable choice for a casual present, something on a budget, or for the aficionado who already has everything.

These coffee birthday ideas include a new set of elegant cups, a joke mug for their workplace, and gadgets to keep their coffee hot. For a larger gift, you could get them a new grinder and some coffee beans. A milk frother is great for those who want to perfect their own cappuccino, and for those with a sweet tooth, a set of syrups will go over well.

4. Coffee-Themed Birthday Box

If you’re looking for a couple of birthday gift ideas for coffee lovers, then we recommend combining them. By creating a coffee birthday box, you can show you really know the person and give them a few different presents in a themed package.

You can pack the box with coffee beans, a mugand some syrup. Alternatively, you could put in coffee pods for their machine, a cup and saucer set and some coffee-themed spoons. You can put your own twist on this idea to suit them.

5. Coffee Basket Surprise

When buying a lot of little presents, you can put them together into coffee birthday gift baskets. Combine any of the ideas given above and place them in a large basket. The display makes this the ideal surprise or presentation gift.

The basket could also contain coffee-related items, such as candles, chocolates, a funny T-shirt, and chocolate-coated coffee beans.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

If you can, it will help to do a tiny bit of research before you choose a present. It could be as simple as thinking back to what they ordered in a cafe or popping over to their place to check which gadgets they already have in the kitchen.

If their birthday isn’t imminent, you can try directing the conversation to their favorite topic: coffee. Their comments can give you inspiration without giving the game away.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gifts for him, coffee for your Mom, or a jokey present for a colleague—with our list of ideas, it’s easy to give a coffee lover a birthday treat to remember. Whether it’s birthday coffee gift baskets or some coffee beans, they’ll love it.


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