Coffee gifts, the list of the ideas for coffee lovers

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Coffee is a ritual all year round, so there’s nothing better than a coffee-related gift for your coffee-obsessed beloved ones, since your friends always deserve the best.

Coffee drinkers differ a lot with each other, so if you intend on buying a gift for one of them you better have their favorite brand down. The real purpose of your coffee gift is in fact to make their mornings both easier and luxurious.

Coffee aficionados are definitely easy to shop for, because you have so many different tools, appliances and accessories for coffee lovers and coffee set gifts available to choose from. Whether they basically drink their coffee just after waking up or go for the perfect brew, there must be something out there that might improve their everyday routine and it is time to snag it! This means you can be sorted out with many different, fun and useful solutions when it comes to coffee gifts, among which, here are a few!

A coffee subscription to help them find their perfect flavor

Nowadays coffee is undergoing a renaissance, offering more and more qualities and options to choose from. At present, brands are placing on the market subscriptions  that include several samples in order to help consumers blind-taste different flavors and varieties among a variety of options. Delivery and pricing are often affordable and straightforward. These assortments usually include tips on how to brew a perfect coffee in terms of roast and flavour, in order to make the experience an ideal one.

The best coffee grinder

Whether their preference goes for talcum-powder-fine Turkish coffee or coarse-as-can-be French press, there is nothing like a step-up coffee grinder to improve their at-home experience.

The true espresso aficionado will love an appliance letting him grind finer and more precise when compared to the standard burr or blade grinder. Since brewing coffee is to be considered a scientific process, the more consistent and versatile your variables are, the closer you will get to achieve perfection. Be it French-press, pour-over or espresso itself, the first step in terms of quality and taste – right after high quality fresh beans - is to be found in precision grinder.

A set of professional coffee-tasting glasses

Someone said the key to enjoying coffee is doubtless in the mug you pour it in. According to coffee cup makers, when drinking high-end specialty coffee, you shouldn’t use a regular coffee mug, as traditional ones do not retain heat well, so they cannot enhance aromatics or taste. How to solve this matter? With a set of differently shaped glasses highlighting flavours of specific coffees, also conferring elegance and style to your tasting experience.

A copper-clad Turkish coffee pot

Once you’re done grinding your Turkish coffee to the appropriate consistency, up next is its serving, for which you will need the best copper-clad Turkish coffee pot, able to keep things all the way traditional and stylish.

Among the several options you have when brewing Turkish coffee, choosing authentic copper Turkish coffee pots is highly suggested! Turks themselves make use of them to prepare a potent beverage. Moreover, they look absolutely fantastic!

Temperature controlled coffee mugs

How many times did you forget about your cup of coffee, finding it undrinkable cold? All you need to do is starting using a smart mug, allowing you to keep your coffee or tea at the precise temperature you set in advance. Temperature controlled coffee mugs are charged through USB cable and keep your beverage warm thanks to a coaster-style charging plate or built-in heating function. Some of them not only keep your drink warm throughout the day, but can also cool it to a level that’s comfortable to drink right away. Most of these mugs permit you to set your temperature settings either directly or through a smartphone app, a feature that makes them another perfect gift for coffee lovers!

A chocolate & coffee box

Nothing goes better with coffee than chocolate, and especially dark ones. Chocolate & coffee sets, baskets and tasting boxes are definitely one of the best options when it comes to coffee gifts, as they pair refined tasting coffee and culinary-inspired chocolates for a great flavouring experience, combining notes for every need of taste.

Obviously, these are just a few coffee present ideas among which you can choose when you are faced with the need for good and unique gifts for coffee lovers. However, there are many others that can turn out to be enthusiastic, funny and suitable for any occasion!


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