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Coffee Date with Friends

By the Lavazza Team 3 minutes

Coffee rituals around the world aren’t enjoyed solely to help kickstart the day. The ritual of brewing and enjoying coffee can be a great way to relax and get some much-needed peace of mind.

If you’re a coffee lover who relaxes from slowly indulging in your morning cup or enjoys exploring the different nuances of home-brewed coffee, it might be time to begin including friends in your ritual. There are several ways to share the happiness you get from coffee with friends and make the experience more meaningful.

Good Coffee and Good Company

Imagine a table filled with freshly brewed cups of coffee and several of your loved ones. The smell of roasted beans surrounds you, and you hear soothing jazz music in the background. If you’ve ever been unsure when to have espresso, this might just be the perfect moment.

A good cup of coffee goes hand in hand with good company. It doesn’t matter if your company doesn’t love coffee as much as you do. Warm beverages can help calm your body by relaxing your nerves and breathing. So, when you share a coffee with best friend, relax by listening to their stories and connecting with them on a deeper level.

Why is it Important to Enjoy a Coffee Break with Friends?

Coffee breaks bring multiple benefits to your mind and body, especially for your productivity at work. A good coffee can help you get your focus back, so you can tackle your remaining tasks easier and stay on track. A coffee break can also fish out your creativity and improve problem-solving skills. A coffee break after lunch, Italian style, can also help with digestion.

Productivity isn’t the only important aspect coffee can improve in a professional setting. It can also help improve your relationship with your coworkers. Networking can be easier during a coffee break, so you can build a positive workplace culture and connect with the people you work with.

The Essential Accessories for Your Afternoon Coffee Ritual

There are many options for on-the-go accessories that are easy to carry wherever you go. For example, you can opt for a hand-powered espresso maker. It doesn’t require electricity, so you can pour your espresso without leaving your table. If you prefer drip coffee, you can buy collapsible drips that are easy to carry.

Still feel like they’re a hassle to bring? You can pack your coffee in a travel mug that can keep your beverages hot or cold for hours.


If you like espresso, you can opt for a home-use espresso machine and a small grinder. You can brew your favorite lattes and practice your latte art comfortably before indulging in a cup of home-brewed happiness. You might also want to buy a milk jug or two if you’re into experimenting with latte art.  

For those who prefer drip coffee, make sure to always have your dripper at the ready. Don’t forget to stock up on paper filters. There’s also a pour-over coffee maker with a built-in filter to keep your rituals more sustainable.

Celebrating with Coffee

Enjoying the pleasure of coffee with friends will be a different experience altogether. Preparation for coffee time with friends differs depending on what kind of party you have and who your guests are. We suggest you prepare your invitation list first before reading the steps below.


You might be planning to celebrate someone’s birthday, graduation, or anniversary where your friends or relatives might bring their kids. In this case, you can also add some decaf coffee options to your menu or juice for the kids.

Choose your favorite beans, prepare them, and brew them when your guests arrive to impress them with the fresh and unmistakable aroma. Some people also can’t take their coffee without milk. You can ask their preference on how to take their coffee and if they prefer milk alternatives, like oat or soy milk.

The snacks are also important, so don’t forget to prepare some sweet or savory treats to balance the flavors of your party.


When your guests can appreciate quality coffee, you’ll have wider options for what you’d like to do for them. You can prepare various beans with different taste notes for a tasting session, or ask your friends to bring over their favorite beans and make a simple game of guessing the flavor notes.

You can serve your friends a pour-over if you’d rather spend your party with a long, deep conversation, to appreciate the taste slowly as you talk the day away and reconnect with your friends in a wholesome coffee moment.


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