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Best Holiday gifts for coffee lovers

By the Lavazza Team 3 minutes

When Christmas time approaches, you just realise you are in need of smart ideas about what to hide under the tree for your beloved ones. If they are into coffee, you have reached the right place, as in the following article we will be listing a few Holiday gift ideas for coffee lovers that cannot be missing in your wish list!

Espresso customised cups gift set

A personalized well-designed mug set is definitely a gift option to consider making someone’s morning coffee experience even more pleasant and enjoyable! Customised coffee sets and couples Christmas mugs are a usually budget-friendly gift for anyone and may include initials, names, caricatures or poetic messages. Mostly made in porcelain, they can differ in shape and size, from espresso cups to capacious mugs. Regardless it will turn out to be unique pieces and perfect for everyday use!

Coffee Bean Box World Tour

By choosing this option you will let your gift recipient go for a delightful world tour based on coffee tasting! A coffee bean box sampler is a great idea for curious coffee lovers who are into exploring new gourmet and refined flavours from all over the world. Featuring countless different qualities, exclusive varieties and award-winning roasters, from South America to Africa and Asia, you can pick among multiple sizes and solutions according to your needs. It will truly end up being an amazing world tour!

Why not choose Lavazza ¡Tierra!, a bio-organic selection of hand-picked organic Arabica, renowned for its delicate, smooth and fruity blend and its intense persistence over time, providing sustainability for the Planet!

A temperature control smart mug

How many times have you made the perfect brew, got distracted by colleagues at work before heading back to your desk, to find your coffee has gone cold. Indeed, we all have been through that. This all can be avoided by using a self-heating mug. As the perfect temperature for your coffee sets at 57 degrees, which you can easily customise, a LED light will advise you as soon as your cup reaches it. Another great gift idea for wintertime, as cold temperatures threaten your mug!

A tasty winter coffee blend

Winter holidays are always a special time, while snow is falling outside and fire blazes in the fireplace, great dinners with relatives and friends consistently take place. An intense winter coffee blend, with its typical full-bodied roasted aroma, with scents of fermented fruit, chocolate and spices, particularly suitable for milk-based drinks such as cappuccino and macchiato, is to be considered as a lovely gift and the most delicious way to end a festive meal.

A coffee spoon

Let’s get back to the basics and go for an item that may certainly be appreciated and useful! Making use of a spoon will undoubtedly make measuring way easier and could represent a successful add-on idea whether you have already bought coffee beans or a coffee maker!

A Traveling Coffee Mug

An ideal present for those who often go for walks, love hiking or simply prefer to regularly bring their coffee to work could be a fancy travel coffee mug. Purposely designed for taking hot beverages along while traveling, they are handy and can follow you everywhere. Available in a variety of colours, they can be made of plastic or stainless steel. The latter is recommended as they are easier to clean and able to keep beverages hot for a longer time. They can also be customised, which makes them a pretty nice coffee gift!

A Milk Frother

What’s better than a cappuccino or hot chocolate while it’s snowing outside? Lavazza MilkEasy is able to whip soft and creamy hot or cold milk froth. Heat your body and heart during Christmas time with delicious hot beverages! Lavazza’s magnetic induction milk frother, allows you to express your creativity by brewing a series of delightful traditional Italian coffee recipes right from the comfort of your winter shelter!

Now that we have shared some of the most exciting and fun solutions for a Holiday gift, all you have to do is decide which of them suit the people you love and about to spend time with during the next Christmas holidays!


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