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Jannik Sinner, Lavazza, and the Carota Boys

As part of our mission to share Italian coffee culture around the world, Lavazza has nurtured an affiliation with tennis for well over a decade, having provided support as the official coffee sponsor for several major global events from Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Rolex Shanghai Masters, and the U.S. Open. along with its involvement in these key tournaments, Lavazza has been committed to supporting a few select players, who have been appointed worldwide brand ambassadors.

Since 2019, Lavazza has partnered with global champion Jannik Sinner, a carefully crafted collaboration rooted in Lavazza’s global mission. Alongside Sinner’s group of dedicated fans, the “Carota Boys,” Lavazza continues to cheer on the young rising star into this year’s season. 

The Carota Boys & Lavazza

For those who don’t know the Carota Boys, they are a group of Italian childhood friends and amateur tennis players that Lavazza noticed at the Italian Open in 2023 in Rome, while they were rooting for Jannik dressed up as carrots.

But why were they dressed like carrots?

We got to know their story, their love for tennis, and from our meeting a beautiful collaboration was born,

They explained the origin of this tradition, born from when their idol Jannik was eating a carrot on the court in Vienna during a match, so they took inspiration to follow him everywhere in the world in  unmistakable and distinctive orange outfits.

Since then they travelled together with Lavazza to Paris for Roland Garros, followed Sinner to Wimbledon, then the U.S. Open, and finally NATPF in 2023.

It was at the U.S. Open where Sinner personally thanked his Carota Boys for their support for the first time, and we never forget it.

the Carota Boys

Carota Boys at the Finals
Carota Boys and Lavazza
Sinner ATP Finals
Sinner and Carrot Boys
Carota Boys and Lavazza
Sinner ATP Finals
Sinner and Carrot Boys
Jannik Sinner and Lavazza
Lavazza and Sinner
Carrot boys
Jannik Sinner meet the Carota boys

“It means a lot. It’s nice to see them every time that I play. I knew when they were doing this, that maybe they are a little bit different from the other fans. I guess that was the case, so I’m very happy to have them.”

Since then, the Carota Boys have had great success by participating in TV and radio programs, describing their special bond with Jannik and Lavazza.

Finally, the epic chapter of the collaboration has seen the light during NITTO ATP Finals 2024 in Lavazza’s home town, Turin. Lavazza realized their dream to meet Jannik in person, at Nuvola, Lavazza’s Headquarters to play a one of a kind and unforgettable tennis match. See the video of Sinner and Carota Boys!

Our “love story” with Jannik Sinner: together since the very beginning

Jannik Sinner was born in the region of South Tyrol in Northern Italy in 2001. Sinner grew up in his hometown of Sexton, alongside his brother, Marc, and his parents, Johann and Siglinde, who both worked at a ski lodge.

After some years dedicated to skiing, thankfully, Sinner’s father urged him to return to playing tennis. At the age of 13, he made the brave commitment to move away from his family to train at the Piatti Tennis Centre, where he lived with the family of his coach, Luka Cvjetković

His passion for tennis started at the age of 15 on the ITF Junior Circuit in 2016,  but his career took off in 2019 when he qualified for his first Grand Slam main draw at the US Open. His recent win at the Australian Open meant beating World No.1 men’s singles champion Novak Djokovic in the semi-final, before defeating Daniil Medvedev in the final.

In the past year he broke many records: he won his first Masters 1000 title at the Canadian Open, contributed to Italy’s win of the Davis Cup, and recently won his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, achieving the ranking of World No.3. At the age of 22, his rise to success can only be described as stratospheric, making him the highest-ranked Italian player in history.

Despite all his success, we believe that the best has yet to come.



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