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Enjoy the best vanilla iced coffee recipe

Learn how to prepare this refreshing and beloved drink in a few simple steps. Enhance your coffee moments.

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

Vanilla Iced Coffee is one of the most beloved and popular variants of the Italian version of the classic iced coffee.

A refreshing drink, iced coffee is typical of Italy’s Salento area.

Known in Valencia as Café del Tiempo, the origins of this beverage are said to be originally Spanish; however, it established itself in Salento as early as the early 17th century.

To prepare this delicious and easy recipe, we suggest using blends such as Crema e Gusto: a balanced blend with a full body, the ideal coffee for those who love a well-rounded taste. 


1 espresso cup of coffee (moka pot)

150 ml milk

2 tablespoons vanilla syrup

6–8 coffee (moka pot) ice cubes



1.       Take the ice molds and pour in the coffee; it is important not to sweeten the coffee, otherwise it will not freeze.

2.       Fill a 300 ml glass with the coffee ice cubes and pour in 250 ml of milk.

3.       Prepare, then dissolve the vanilla syrup into the coffee.

4.       Pour it over the milk and ice.


Serve your Vanilla Iced Coffee with a straw and it is ready to taste!


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