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Go behind the bar and be inspired by Clark’s masterful and innovative cocktail creations with coffee.

By the Lavazza Team 3–4 minutes

Born and raised in New Zealand, Jason Clark’s passion for mixology began in his native land at the age of 17, after starting a job as a bartender at a local bar.

Clark’s passion for mixology grew very quickly and he was promptly promoted to bar manager for a few years. Before taking on the pressures of bar ownership, he delved into a career in the hospitality industry at TGIF's in Guildford, UK, in 1997. 

After a few years working in the hospitality industry, he pursued his profession in countries such as Australia and New Zealand and has since earned quite a name for himself. He has competed and won many competitions in major metropolitan cities, including Amsterdam, Warsaw, London, and Berlin.

With 23 years of experience in the food and drinks service industry under his belt, he has attained the confidence and skills to mix the perfect cocktail. Known for being bold, distinctive, and characterful, his cocktails appease a wide range of palates.


Intrigued by the history and craft of coffee, one of Clark’s favorite ingredients to use in his cocktail is coffee.

By combining two of his greatest pleasures, coffee and mixology, Clark has reinvented many ways to enjoy some of the world’s most popular beverages.

From stirred and shaken through to blended and blazed, he has mastered the art of coffee-based cocktails and perfected simple classics, such as the Espresso Martini and Irish coffee.

Using different blends, roasts, and methods, coffee cocktails offer the perfect “wow moment,” states Clark.


As coffee is often the dominant flavor in his world-renowned coffee-based cocktails, Clark is a proud Lavazza brand ambassador. Thanks to Lavazza, he has been given access to some of the world’s greatest and highest-quality coffee, and, more importantly, he has been given another platform through which he can share his passion for coffee and mixology with the rest of the world.

Aside from creating, Clark currently seeks to share his creativity, skills, and knowledge with coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts all over the world. Seeing first-hand how coffee offers an infinite number of incredible possibilities, Clark encourages bartenders to get creative and play with the flavors of coffee.

For Clark and his students, coffee has opened the door to a whole world of exciting new drinks.


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