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A rock-and-roll chef: Vivien Durand

Discover Durand’s restaurant with Lavazza: the meeting of haute cuisine, tapas, coffee, and the joy of sharing.

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

When talking about chef Vivien Durand, we can’t start without mentioning his biggest success: the Michelin star awarded to Eguiazabal, Le bar à vin.

Chef Durand is the proud owner of the first restaurant in the red guide to offer tapas à la carte!

His haute cuisine philosophy consists on blending faux simplicity with a technique which is, instead, highly refined. Durand’s recipes, which make use only of fresh ingredients from local producers, also include two gallons of love, four tablespoons of passion, three large cups of generosity, a dash of inclusion, a pinch of madness, a sliver of rock, a handful of cheer and, above all, an enormous will to share his happiness with his guests.

Originally from the Pyrenees, Duran became passionate about food from a very young age and was naturally drawn towards obtaining a chef’s diploma from the Catering School of Souillac.

After studying in various well-known restaurants in the south and east of France, he began his career working alongside Alain Ducasse in Monaco. Following this, he completed a stint as sous-chef at the Grand Hotel in Saint-Jean-de-Luz with Nicolas Masse, before opening his first restaurant, La Taverne Basque along with his wife. This was followed by the opening of his second restaurant, Chez Claire et Vivien at the Écomusée Basque Museum in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Finally, encouraged by chef Alain Ducasse in 2014, Durand finally took the reins in the kitchen of “Prince Noir”, in Lormont.

In his current restaurant, Le Prince Noir, you can enjoy many Lavazza products after an exquisite meal.


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