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"Classics" is a top-quality coffee collection with the most innovative roasting techniques. The elegance of the original Italian espresso with a contemporary taste. This collection also honors the Italian tradition through its design, featuring the soft lines that characterize Lavazza.

The Italian espresso tradition and Lavazza's history combine in the interpretation of taste and aroma, turning an Italian custom into an international trend. The collection's design is inspired by Italian lifestyle and the “made in Italy” theme, which is why the barista always chooses Classic.

Design and features

Heritage, pleasure, craftsmanship

Enjoy the pleasure of an excellent espresso at any time, from the sweetest to the strongest flavor, in an environment that also conveys Italian character in its design.


The designs pivot around squares and circles, creating new and unique possibilities.


The coffee cup is the distinctive element of the collection, featuring Lavazza's Blue Ribbon.


The design conveys the Made in Italy essence for a wide selection of coffee origins with an elegant, contemporary taste.


The minimalistic geometric lines represent the bittersweet union of passion and reason which enhances the experience.

A pillar of the Lavazza offerings for your business

Italian espresso for professionals

The art of the real Italian espresso in the Classic solution, combining elegance, quality, and taste.

Beautiful and harmonious Italian style

Heritage, pleasure, and craftsmanship are the heart of Classic design.

Classic equipment

The Classic equipment will give your business a fascinating character, one filled with passion, taste, and style.

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Discover all the Lavazza collections available for in-store solutions. Give your business a boost.

In-Store solutions


In-Store solutions
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