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Kafa Forest Coffee

Kafa is one of the finest coffees in the world, growing wild in Ethiopian forests. Choose this limited production coffee, from the region with the same name, and pair it with the exclusive POS materials, designed for your business, that communicate the excellence of the product.

Kafa comes from the first plant from which all the others originated and grows wild in Ethiopian forests. An original coffee, much like the design of your business, communicates the exclusivity of this product and its accessories to make your customers' experience unforgettable.

Design and features

Kafa: excellence & exclusivity

Enjoy the pleasure of an excellent espresso at any time, from the sweetest to the strongest flavor, in an environment that also conveys Italian character in its design.


Kafa's design will be your business card. Offer a unique experience, thanks to one of the finest coffees in the world.


The collection designed by Studio Klass highlight all of Kafa's unique characteristics.


An original and branded design and communication for a truly unique experience of this exclusive coffee blend.


Simple and sinuous forms, elegant colors and sophisticated details evoking a distant and fascinating world.

Elevate your business with the Kafa premium design

The exclusivity of Kafa

Your customers will experience the exclusivity and excellence of the Kafa style in every aspect.

Inside the Kafa forest

Share with your clients a trip inside the Kafa forest and make the experience unique with premium products.

Kafa equipment

Kafa equipment will make your business even more impactful: all-natural materials and an attractive design.

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In-Store solutions

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In-Store solutions


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