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Enjoy the prestigious selection of the highest quality coffee: the "Specials" collection is our range of characterful blends with a broad sensorial profile. Perfect for savoring with the collection’s POS materials, to offer an authentic Italian espresso experience.

The Italian coffee tradition reaches its pinnacle with the Lavazza Special Collection: quality coffee, from reserve to selection, brings forth a moment of intense taste. The highest quality coffee, perfect to be savored every day using our signature products, equipment, and accessories.

Design and features

Superior and iconic

Heritage, pleasure, and selection are the pillars of this In-Store Solution that elevates your business with an Italian design. Stand out with style and top-quality products.


The circle and the square: two shapes that show how reason and passion can generate new visions.


Pale and sophisticated, the collection for the table and counter service is in keeping with the preparation area.


This iconic blend's equipment was designed using warm colors, from the world of coffee, to convey the essence of Made in Italy.


Lavazza's range of characterful blends must be savored every day in our Specials signature accessories.

Beautiful harmonious Italian lifestyle

Your premium business solution

The secret to the Italian lifestyle is in your hands, and those of your clients.

Tradition and visibility at their finest

Your business will have a strong identity, always recognizable, thanks to key details, like the blue brush.

Special equipment

Our special equipment will bring your business to another level: a perfect mix of tradition and innovation

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Discover all the Lavazza collections available for in-store solutions. Give your business a boost.

Discover all the Lavazza collections available for in-store solutions. Give your business a boost.

In-Store solutions

La Reserva de iTierra!

In-Store solutions
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Business is a journey

Start your day with us. Share the Lavazza experience.


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